SFAPD Reentry Programs

Behavioral Health Services

Clinical and Reentry Case Management

  • UCSF/Citywide, Senior Ex-Offender Program, Mentoring Men’s Movement

Medication Management

  • UCSF/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

One on One Therapy

  • Onsite therapists from San Francisco Department of Public Health

Residential Substance Use Treatment

  • Harbor Lights

Outpatient Treatment

  • UCSF/Citywide STOP Program

Containment Model Services

  • San Francisco Forensics Institute

  • HOPE Program

Housing Programs 

Recovery Survival Network

  • FoF TAYA Housing Program

  • CW Hotel

Tenderloin Housing Clinic

  • Drake Hotel

  • Hart Hotel

  • Sharon Hotel

  • New Roads Rental Subsidy Program

Phatt Chance Community Services

  • Supportive Housing Program

Five Keys Schools and Programs

  • Home Free

Housing Programs 

Westside Community Services

  • Our House

  • James Baldwin House

  • Her House

  • Positive Directions TRP Academy

  • Billie Holiday Center 

  • Minna Project

Episcopal Community Services

  • Step Up To Freedom Rental Subsidy Program

Senior Ex-Offender Program

  • Emergency Housing Program

Employment Services

Goodwill Industries

  • Job Placement and Retention Services

  • CASC Specialized Reentry Job Center​

UCSF/Citywide Employment Program

  • Clients with Behavioral Health Needs 

Young Community Developers

  • IPO - Subsidized Employment/Violence Prevention 

Arriba Juntos

  • IPO - Subsidized Employment/Violence Prevention 

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

  • Entrepreneur Workshops 

America Works

  • Job Placement Services

San Francisco Conservation Corps

  • Subsidized Employment and Job Placement Services

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Educational Services 

Five Keys Schools and Programs

  • Charter High School 

Supportive Services

Fathers Matter

Mothers Matter

Mentoring Men's Movement

Community Service Program

Healing Circles for Soul Support

Solutions for Women

Gloria's Gift Life Skills 

Sister's Circle 

Inside Circle Workshops


Enroll in CASC Services

CASC Services for Clients of the san francisco adult proBation

If you are a client of the San Francisco Adult Probation Department and interested in any of the services listed below please contact your Deputy Probation Officer at 628-652-2100. 

  • Case Management

  • Transitional Housing

  • Women's Housing Program

  • Rental Subsidy

  • Employment Services

  • Vocational Training

  • Mentoring

  • Residential Treatment

  • Outpatient Treatment

  • Detox

  • Clinical Therapy

  • Education

  • Parenting

  • Community Service

  • Life Skills

  • Women's Supportive Services

  • Batters Intervention Program

  • Benefits Acquisition

  • Groups/Classes (see schedule below)

CASC Services for any justice involved adult in San francisco

If you are a San Francisco resident 18 years and older, on State Parole, Federal Probation, Court Probation, Pretrial, or Formerly Incarcerated and interested in any of the following services get connected below:

  • Groups/Classes (see schedule below)

  • Employment Services

  • Mentoring

  • Education

  • Life Skills

  • Women’s Supportive Services

  • Benefits Acquisition

  • Transitional Housing (limited)

    • Pretrial Housing Program

    • TAYA Housing Program (18-35 yrs)

    • Collaborative Courts Housing Program

    • Women’s Housing Program

    • Rental Subsidy Program

      • (Age 18-35, must be on parole in SF)