The Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC) is a partnership between the San Francisco Adult Probation Department (SFAPD) and UCSF/Citywide.  The CASC is behavioral health-focused, multi-services one-stop clinical reentry center that bridges SFAPD probation supervision services with comprehensive support including clinical and reentry case management, medication management and distribution, peer mentoring, 1:1 therapy, education and employment services, barrier removal, and benefits acquisition.  


As the City's premiere reentry center, the CASC's therapeutic community embraces a client-centered, strength-based approach, empowers personal responsibility, and co-locates services that build self-sufficiency including SFAPD-funded transitional housing and rental subsidy programs, employment placement and retention services, vocational training opportunities, mental health and substance use services, women's gender responsive services, parenting and life skills programs, batterers’ intervention programs, cognitive-behavioral interventions, social activities, outings and events, and meeting space for community partners. 

Alex Weil, Alex Sousa, Deborah Turner


Teddy Tolliver, Deborah Turner, Lisa Wood-Oliver, Cedric Akbar
Precious Malone, Zuri Jones
Rexanne Biserra, Hashim Munir
Steve Adami
Chief Karen Fletcher
Destiny Pletsch, Supervisor Mandelman, Richard Beal, Supervisor Haney, Chief Fletcher, Steve Adami
Cedric Akbar and Cregg Johnson
Johnny Warren and Rexanne Biserra