Justice-involved adults accessed CASC services.


APD clients engaged in Clinical and Reentry Case Management.


Justice-involved adults were housed in APD-funded housing programs.


APD-funded housing programs reduced homelessness by 78,645 days. 


Justice-involved adults were placed in jobs.

FY 21/22 - SFAPD Reentry Services During a Time of COVID 
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Hashim Munir, Daniel Alvarenga, Delynda Adair, Da'Vonna Smith
Steve Adami, Karen Fletcher, Destiny Pletsch, Cregg Johnson, Gwendolyn Westbrook
Steve Adami, Lauren Bell, Destiny Pletsch, Geoffrea Morris, Andres Salas
Steve Adami, Traci Watson, Sabrina Reid, Rebecca Jackson, Teddy Tolliver, Ernest Kirkwood, Tulio Cardoza, Victoria Westbrook, Dani Johnson, Joe Calderon, Kim Courtney, Lisa Wood-Oliver, Marilyn Jones, Maura Quinn, Adrian Maldonado, Angela Coleman, Cedric Akbar, Curtis Penn, Deborah Turner, Eli Crawford, Jason Bell, Joe Bluford,

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